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The mission of House To Home Aliyah is to get you and your family from house of origin to living, functioning and thriving in Eretz Israel- as fast and as easily as possible- with the help and support you need,  and with out the distraction of setting up and designing your home.

Our Story

Jen and Rachelle attended New York School of Interior Design together and graduated with a BFA in Interior Design. Now, after over decade of friendship and support, they decided to partner up, using their unique experiences, to help people make Aliyah. 


Jen made Aliyah soon after college and is now settled in Modi’in, Israel. She has firsthand knowledge of how hard and stressful the move is, but also knows how rewarding living and raising a family in Eretz Yisrael can be. As a Manager, Designer, Teacher and Israeli resident, Jen brings a range of skills and services to help make your new transition simple, organized and wonderfully memorable.


Rachelle lives in Englewood, New Jersey and works on projects all over America. She has been working as a Designer and Construction Manager for the last 10  years. Rachelle’s professional experience, moves, renovations, and familiarity with the Jewish communities of America (as well as her passionate Zionism!) give her the wisdom and experience to help manage your project so it runs smoothly and as quickly as possible. 


Together, we wish you a Mazal Tov, with this exciting decision to make Aliyah! We will be there by your side every step of the way. Let us take care of the tough stuff, so you can focus on enjoying this life changing experience!


Our Vision is that making Aliyah will become a much easier experience for more families, causing many more families to feel comfortable to make that move. The more people that make Aliyah the stronger our beautiful nation becomes. House to Home Aliyah is making that happen, one family at a time!

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